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within reach

By October 27, 2022Poems

sometimes she is a stranger unto herself
floating in the voice of what survived free
falling, a kind of flying
seeming seamless
really a scar can heal
call it a pretty dress perhaps a gown
invisible weather
approaching unannounced
like a shivering wind or a seasoned storm
to be a feather for love
on a beaming wing
to swim the air
everywhere is swimming
her face smiling in the flesh of the sea
a breath of beauty
sometimes she is a goddess
glowing in grief
what’s her secret?
the mercy of misfortune.
ballroom dancing on the ocean floor
a green room with no doors or windows
an eye opening underwater
basement of the world
where living is looking up
heaven turned upside down
she who owns the dawn like a sword of light
slices through the curtains of the eye
lashes blushing
she who giggles the ground, an earthquake
whispering a lover’s will
trembling the floorboards of his mind
if the walls could talk
they’d be speechless
a monologue of wandering
barefoot as the horizon