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By May 18, 2013Blog

We are not your people. We do not come from where you come from. We do not grow up in homes with parents who provide for us thru the will of a world that more readily accepts us.Because our families, MY family, was systematically broken apart. We make with what little we have as it is all we have ever known. And that’s okay. Its enough for us to make small differences in big ways. We make love and create generations of geniuses for you to study and wish you knew something about too late. I wish I could be poetic and evocative by saying it comes from blood shed and shackles but then that would only limit us to our suffering,It comes from what is left after the blood shed and shackles. It comes from a determination that is human and capable in every being and little brown sisters whose education is mocked by the lack of resources it affords her.mock my education but i fought to get this education out from my neighborhood. i screamed and shouted and filled all the applications and fought for all the grants and scholarships and loans and went to all the interviews alone i’m an intellectual because not too long ago, where i’m from, people like me were hung for reading books and I wanted to write my story and the way I live to tell their stories, to make meaning of what is deemed meaningless to create the blues you are so fascinated by.I wish all you human beings the best in life. I really do. And I dont need whiteness to make me feel validated and human in the world.

aja monet