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By May 23, 2011May 4th, 2014Blog

Patti Smith speaks at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduation ceremony, honored with a doctorate, adding her to the list of greats like Yoko Ono and Georgia O’Keefe—incredible women who have also received honorary doctorates by the school.  

After the ceremony I was able to meet with her briefly and speak with her about my thesis, poetry, and music. I told her that someday I’d love to work with her. “We’re here now, collaborating” she said. It felt full circle to have her speak and be honored the same year I’m receiving my “Master of Fine Arts” degree when my  thesis unconsciously and consciously follows in her footsteps as well as other similar artists including but not limited to Saul Williams (combining poetry, music,  visual art, activism etc.) She’s a true interdisciplinary artist & sometimes controversial activist,  what a renaissance woman, still making headlines with her achievements and accomplishments. Enjoy a few minutes of what she shared with us on our graduation day. (not the full thing but a bit nonetheless, hopefully she inspires the artist in you to keep on keepin on, persevere no matter the struggle. be socially responsible and accountable for your influence. we all have work to do. word. )  

unapologetically human and revolutionary.