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By January 20, 2011May 4th, 2014Blog

It looks like De La Vega is hittin the streets again!! While walking back from lunch at Harlem’s infamous Uptown Juicebar Nelson and I stumbled on random signs along lenox ave that read  ”Become Your Dream” The phrase was tagged along pieces of garbage we assume mr Vega just found and decided to make into art pieces. It was an incredibly inspiring random surprise and reminiscent of his early days, when you couldnt walk down a NYC block with out seeing the infamous fish tag in chalk on the sidewalk corners. I miss those days. Granted, some of those tags landed De La Vega in jail or with silly fines but that was part of his voice, his message to the people. The streets still felt like ours then and we miss the many voices that celebrated the art of our culture. NYC is where graffiti artists like Dondi White, Basquiat, and Kieth Haring along with countless others spoke to the culture of the people, tagged the city with hope and language and discussion. We were the mecca of street art. What happened to our starbuck infested neighborhoods… When De La Vega left spanish Harlem after much success and landing a store in LES, we were all sad to see him go but excited to see him take on new territory, to have access to a new audience. Its unfortunate, though, that he didn’t stay where he was needed most—with his people, in the community that most supported and nurtured his talent. Word has it that Mr Vega lost his LES store due to the high cost of rent and is now searching for another store location. We wish him the best and maybe even hope that he continues to dazzle the streets of our communities with love & inspiration again. There may not be as much financial gain in it as galleries, exhibits, & white folks with money, but I’d definitely argue the pay off is far more worth it—when while we branch out, we never lose sight of home, of our vision, and the people who love us. True story. “Become your Dream” but never lose  sight of reality. 

much love,