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I would like to hear more of your thoughts on the future of trade. I truly feel that a Barter system would benefit the people of this nation(USA). It would bring a greater appreciation for one another and what it is we do as individuals. I think it would also help us to strive to find what it is we are good at. Far to many of us strive to be things that do not come natural to us because what we are meant to be isn’t gainful in this capitalist system.

By May 15, 2013Blog

i think it is becoming more obvious to the average citizen of this world that there is an enormous difference in how we are told things work to how they actually work. What ruined the idea of Capitalism is the greed of people. i am under the assertive thought that no matter the economic system, if individuals have no relationship to themselves and therein, by extension, to the world around them, all will fail. Ideally, a barter system would be lovely. However, what realities are we living that must be addressed and uprooted, first? Our value systems have to change drastically. So many people that were largely left out of the success of financial wealth, envy it and wish to attain it. When poor, we ridicule and mock the rich and yet, eagerly and willingly rush to that idea of accomplishment. What would it look like if we were to detest the select few ruling over us, psychically? When will it be laughable at best to see the flaunting of wealth? How do we create a standard of living that entitles everyone to health care, education, housing etc? What would it look like if we were such empathic creatures, that hurting another is directly identified as hurting one’s self? This is a sort of existence that must come within the individual first, or else all other systems will fail as this one currently is. What i aspire to is not possible in my current society and yet what is it to imagine? How often are we immediately discouraged or trivialized in our visions for bettering? What hate do we hold for each other’s imaginations? It is a visceral sort of disgust. And why? Instead of speaking from a place of lack, of   suffering, rather what is it to be healed and whole? What is it to create a system of holistic approach? How does love permeate the society and what does it do to us truly if we let it? If we are only imagining a barter system in relation to our poverty as a solution to our current deprivation, how do we account for a future where values will surely change? i do not worry about economic systems so much as i recognize their limits. It is captivity on the minds of people. We have not exercised the full capability of our selves and if we do, then all questions will cease to be raised. The answers will naturally exist. This is not magic, this is true danger. For it deconstructs every possible way we’ve known to exist and it calls forth our most hidden selves. We have been locked away from ourselves, turned into beggars and eventually into rulers of our own demise. The greatest system is one in which the people are fearless, not arrogant, but fearless. One in which we recognize the other as the self and also that the difference does not negate this revelation. If we can begin to rearrange our thinking, our realities will emerge anew. 

This is not easy. Especially when everyone is not playing fair. Our children are raised in a society that is openly corrupt and therein they are corrupted. i say this to say, a barter system is the closest we can get to seeing the value in each other. But how do we quantify what is shared and has no value if only the value taken from it. How do i quantify this message to you? What is a equal exchange? My grandmother heals people. How does she determine a payment for giving life to a mother who was barren and incapable prior? How do we account for miracles? For moments shared in whispers or laughters or smiles? What currency is this? i have seen people give of their whole selves for morsels of a payment. If we can not learn to value the range of our gifts than giving is merely a means to receive and that is the greatest thing i am worried of with any system, let alone, a barter system. 

Hope that helps.

Thanks for inquiring.