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By April 22, 2014May 4th, 2014Blog

I am honored to share “NoMaDs” with you all.

Here is a song & poem I recorded while living in Paris with music by Buddy Sativa & Nicky Lars. 

I am so grateful to have collaborated with my good friend Ben Connors to illustrate visuals for this piece and to have worked with Piers Dennis on filming the whole process. 

I have so many dreams and visions of collaborations I would love to live through and sometimes the universe sees it fit to help me make those happen. This is one of those moments a vision became a reality. I am extremely honored to share this with you all and I hope that it moves you as it moves me each and every time. Big love.

Feel free to share with those souls most similar to ours, us nomads. For those of us who wander toward the feeling of our hearts…

much love.