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Hi Aja! No inspiration to write these days. I would like to be able to write more freely. Without these inhibitions. It feels almost like the images in my head are starting to blur. I hope its just a fog. That the passing will happen. That I will see once again. And till that happens I hope to keep the faith alive.

By April 23, 2013Blog

You know, a lot of people feel insecure about not having much to write about. However, I think it is also part of the process. It is okay.

Julius Lester once wrote:

“In attempting to shoulder his responsibility, the writer must always be aware of when he has something to say and when he doesn’t. The greatest danger comes when he has nothing to say, but continues to speak because it is expected of him. But the words that are not written are as much, if not more, a part of writing than the words which are written.”

Although, Lester was speaking in much more revolutionary terms, I think it applies to all writing. 

I spent nearly two years in Paris. It was two years in which I ran away from the spotlight I was receiving in the states at the time because of my “writing” or performing rather. I think it informed my writing in a destructive way at the time. The attention brought about more insecurity. It became more about the sharing than the intrinsic need to do so. I spent a lot of time simply living and being okay with that. It is necessary. To live, that is. There is no need to pressure yourself into inspiration if the inspiration is not there. Of course there are exercises and discipline that force writers to write even when they have nothing of true value to say. It is part of the process. However, I want to be sure not to give you the impression that whatever it is you may be experiencing is not normal or a part of your writing process. Perhaps, it is and will be the inspiration for your greatest work. 

Speaking comes more naturally to me than writing. I have learned I value the conversations unwritten. I also value the performances that can not be captured or shared so easily via modern technology. And while the world is always waiting to read what many of us believe we have to say, they will be waiting…Let them wait. Be patient with yourself. Be sure that you are writing for you, first. The rest will follow. Inspiration and all.