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Hey aja, firstly you portray such beautiful words in your poetry that moves a loving soul. Thank you. I wanted to ask you, apart from love who or what inspires you to write?

By June 12, 2011Blog

first, thank you.

and then….spirits keep me grounded. they are in the praying eyes of every person i meet. i trust divinity. and every so often my experiences lead me to places, people, or things that compel me to create a language for whatever it may be i am feeling or recognizing in the patterns of the human process. my story is ordinarily unordinary, things happen in the most tragic ways. for every blessing, a cross has been carried. and because of this i can speak from a voice that rises within and follows through with out. all of this. inspires me. more importantly, the humbling unraveling magic of nature. just the way things work themselves out. always. life.