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Aja Monet featured in Carrie Mae Weems’ “Grace Notes: Reflections for Now”

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  Carrie Mae Weems (Artist), Aja Monet (Poet) (photo: William Struhs)   “I’m deeply aware of the stress that’s put on our community, the stress that’s put on black women, the stress that’s put on black men. It’s not a play, it’s really this battle.” — Carrie Mae Weems Today’s ART21 Exclusive features Carrie Mae Weems staging Grace Notes: Reflections for Now, a performance that examines…

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How A Brooklyn Poet Set Up Miami’s Most Exciting New Music Studio

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Art can be entertainment, a relief from the struggles of our day-to-day lives. But it can also be a tool to make sense of these same struggles. Often there is an inherent tension in trying to reconcile the escapist qualities of art with its transformative power. In an age when the day-to-day has become life or death for many Americans facing systems that are inherently,…

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Poet Aja Monet Confronts Police Brutality Against Black Women With #SayHerName

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“Melissa Williams,” Aja Monet reads, “Darnisha Harris.” Her voice is strong; it marches along, but it shakes a little, although not from nerves. She’s performing a poem that includes the forgotten names of girls and women who’ve been injured or killed by the police. She finishes forcefully, then pauses, exhales. “Can I do that again?” she asks. “It’s my first time reading it out loud,…

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