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By May 29, 2013May 4th, 2014Blog

Education is a right. 

I was recently in Chicago working with community organizers trying to address and confront issues with youth violence and activism. It is critical that we bring more attention to the efforts in Chicago and the youth involved in positive reform of the education system. The activism in Chicago is unlike no other and the dedication and motivation around causes central to poor people’s existence deserves much more acclaim and attention than it receives. May we support these movements and actively participate in the bettering of our communities. 

It is a shame to see our children fighting for rights well deserved and owed to them. Though this speech by 9 year old Asean is moving, it is also heart breaking, that he is side stepping his youth to be addressing the urgent  issues our elected officials should be solving. Our children should not be handed the burdens of our failures and yet they are grappling these issues. It is beautiful to acknowledge the ferocity of his passion all the while being confronted with the horror of our complacency and  the affects of our system. 

May we be courageous in our doing, as his voice is, in its saying.