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an offering

By April 25, 2020October 12th, 2022Poems

vermilion wax seeps soft
down a braided back of wick
the mischievous flame swallows
small devils rendered helpless
shadows tremor the parquet
how we rid a room of virulence
tug a cork from deep copper wine
and pour toward the mestizo priest hospitality defies sin, a spineless bruised banana lay near
the lanterns gutter
we marooned in the projects
hid in the holy hood of our crown
douse our bodies in albahaca water blessed by sandhog saints
abre el camino
as hellish hipsters sip on Brooklyn brew we stopped and frisked spirits haunt these streets
handcuffed with bicycles
while they litter their laughs
maraca our wrists at city hall
to thunder the gods from their tenement altars
venture to gentrify our heaven
and wage a war with a witch