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By April 15, 2011May 4th, 2014Blog

An Interview with Dr Viktor E. Frankl

During my undergrad years I was completely engulfed in psychological, philosophical, and theological studies. Frankl is one of the most famous psychiatrists who wrote an incredible introduction to Logotherapy, “A Man’s Search for Meaning.” The book is a startling revelation conceived during Frankl’s time spent in Auschwitz and other concentration camps as a prisoner. His story is compelling not simply because of the environment in which it is written but also because of the context: the resiliency of human spirit and psyche in the midst of such horrendous times. I found this interview of his along with many others while searching for footage of some of my favorite authors. I believe that we are in a very pivotal time in the psyche of humanity and with all that is going on, all the suffering and confusion, it is critical that we begin to take initiative in changing how we think and engage with the world around us. If we can consciously make a movement towards renewing our minds, than our reality can become part of us actualizing a vivid and hopeful imagination where we are held accountable and become active in changing.

Of course what is said by him has been said by countless others thereafter, however i think its important for us to harness the past while we consciously participate in the present, there in making for a better future. Overall, his discourse on meaning is where most people find themselves in times of great tragedy, trying to make sense of and create in spite of, suffering. Choice is a very interesting concept. Hopefully, whatever you may be going through, this can begin to help you look at it differently or at the very least encourage objective insight. here’s to some optimism!