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Last night after my show at Dorothy’s Gallery: American Center for the Arts. I have never felt more appreciated than I seem to in Paris. Every interaction I have is magic with meaning. The amount of love, support, and dedication to the stories I try to share makes my eyes brim with gratitude, true persons in this city I’ve found. True true spirits living and…

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“Weathering”by aja monet When the earth shatters beneath usand we are broken open, picked apart by the silence—Let me tell you:you are unrehearsed laughter between the murmur of my lips,an unconscious love,a man dippedin midnight lightening.I will fix my body for youand fold in the bend of your arms,a tortured jewel.You are a freedom songhumming in the shadow of my soula healing heartache that kisses woundsand sets free tornadoson my…

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