for the people

i was raised in the artistic legacy of poets engaged in social movements. over the years ive mentored and worked with many organizations and artists. i co-founded Smokes Signals Studio as an effort to strategize in community on how we could integrate art into our organizing strategies and encourage artists to see themselves as cultural workers. as we focus on providing direct services and meeting the material needs in our communities, there are real and vital immaterial needs of our people. the spirit and soul hungers for authenticity, connection, and purpose.

a poet’s power is in our abilities to tell the truth and use everything in our poetic arsenal to shift the conditions of the poor, abused, and oppressed. to balance the scales of justice. language and literature liberates. it transforms imagination and therein reality.

inspired by June Jordan’s revolutionary blueprint, i facilitate workshops in collaboration with Dream Defenders and Community Justice Project in South Florida and founded “Voices: Poetry for the People.”

i believe in social poetics. how we live and love is how we write our collective poem. writing a poem is organizing, too. the words must move us.

solidarity is crucial to our survival. we, us, ours, they.

who we write with and for becomes who we laugh and cry with. shared joy, visions, and values informs the personal and it is political.

tell the truth. make the words come alive and do.

there are many ways to be contribute and participate.

be in community with one another. collaborate with local organizations and help shift the culture.
be magic.