In addition to my love of poetry, I am a cultural worker, organizer, and strategist. My passion for art and language has helped influence and inspired my approach towards imagining and rethinking how we shift and shape culture. Art & Culture is the air we breathe and it is critical to how we make a meaningful impact in the world. Over the past five years, I have worked closely with organizations, artists, and companies as an advisor and consultant. I work in different capacities to help with creating strategy and assessing skills for achieving goals whether they be specific campaigns, political education, civic engagement, or artistic projects. My skills have allowed me to moderate panels, facilitate workshops, curate and organize events, and develop infrastructure for social responsibility and accountability. I support artists and organizations in cultivating new narratives, building and strengthening relationships, and brainstorming ideas. If we want to transform the material conditions of our lives we must foster a culture of creativity and new value making that best represents inclusion and democracy. I support, encourage, and look forward to more people and companies practicing cooperative economics. There can be no true equity and justice if all who work and labor day to day do not bear the benefits of that labor fairly distributed. I offer constructive and effective professional advice and I have a wide network of relationships and community to lean on but also to hold me accountable. This is what makes for effective transformational justice.


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